The process of connecting a cabinet door to its body is known as joinery. However, it does not only apply to storage shelves, but to any woodwork that are pieced together. This is commonly done with furniture, windows or doors that are all made of wood. Now if you think that it is easy to accomplish compared to working with metal, then you should think again. Ask any joiner, which refers to the designated craftsman, and he or she will tell you that it requires skills and precision.

You see, it is not only the bolts, screws and nails that are necessary to ensure that the joints are strong, but the methods being applied. One of the most basic is butt jointing. This is where a vertical piece of wood is nailed to a horizontal one; the process is usually used in making frames. However, it does not start and end with just piecing them together since the construction has to go through certain strategies. For example, if you are using hardwood, you will need to drill holes first before you drive a hammer to it. That is because the material will easily break if nails end up too close to the edge. Also, you will need to use adhesives to ensure that the joints are strongly fastened.

In the UK, joinery has two specialisations. Bench refers to creation of wooden items in a workshop. Site, on the other hand, is when components will be fitted on location. Of course, the parts are already built beforehand, which is also known as site carpentry. Windows, stairs, shelves, doors and counters are few examples. Depending on what you prefer, you can have any of them custom-made, or you can obtain the services of a craftsman to work on the design up to the installation. The advantage of a bespoke project is that you can have it created according to what will suit your needs. Now, if you are considering external fittings such as doors leading to your garden, make sure that the wood used will be treated. That way, it will last longer and will withstand insect attacks and harsh conditions.

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