Improving your home only has two routes: do it yourself or work with specialists. Which should you choose? It depends on factors like your expertise and the project’s extent. But never make a decision based on your budget. Even if you’re cash strapped yet you need to renovate the bathroom, for example, don’t attempt a DIY. You might make the problem worse, leading to costly repairs.

So, before proceeding with a DIY or when confused between hiring a contractor or not, ask yourself these:

Can I ensure safety when doing it on my own?

This should be your top priority. After all, you can’t risk getting hurt or injuring a family member just because you want to save or because you believe you’re capable of the project.

Take note that you’re the only person to gauge your skills, so think over this matter carefully. If you’re perfectly capable, go ahead and prepare everything needed for the job.

Do I own the required equipment or tools?

If you’re fond of DIYs and you can operate just about anything, go ahead and get in touch with a retailer of power tools in Melbourne. Just make sure that the store also offers service support and spares for convenient repairs in case the saw or rotary hammer needs fixing.

Am I ready for unexpected costs?

Sometimes, DIYs don’t produce desirable results and you may have to start from the top - whatever part requires fixing. You might also have to deal with last-minute changes; hence, additional expenses.

If you’re not too sure with the entire cost, consult a contractor - particularly a team with years of experience because this means they know the industry by heart.

Do I have to obtain a permit or licence?

If the project involves extending your home or working with electricity, a planning permission is necessary.

There’s only one way to find out if you need a permit; ask the council. If you do, the next best step is to consult contractors. They can take care of this aspect, as well as the project itself. Most of all, they’ll make sure the completion date is considered.

In conclusion…

Choosing between a DIY and hiring experts depend greatly on your capability. If you can handle an electric drill or circular saw, check out a range of power tools in Melbourne to own complete equipment and devices before starting the project.

If you can fix a chair’s broken leg, go ahead with a DIY. But when the job requires complicated steps, such as installing new window frames or woodworking, leave it to us at Phillips Joinery. We’ll manufacture and install anything to your requirements.

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